Austin Happy Hours 2022

The Best Happy Hours In Austin

Austin Happy Hours: Every weekday, there’s the time when you’ve accomplished all of your work or have read through the entire web. At that point, it’s time to take yourself to the closest establishment offering drinks at a price that you’re actually entitled to spend.

While it is always a good idea to drink, however, the more upscale Happy Hour involves deals on great drinks and delicious food. The good news is that Austin offers a variety of these. Here’s our list of the top Happy Hours in Austin that will help you through the week.

Austin Happy Hours

Austin might be located situated in Texas however, the prices aren’t necessarily the norm in the state. From real estate to dog daycare, it’s like we were living in Silicon Valley! The $15 cocktails aren’t something that many of us had in mind as we made the move to or anticipated as children within The Lone Star State, right?

Austin Happy Hours

The Spots

When: Weekdays 2:30-6:30 pm

What’s the Deal? Pizzas for $10; and $5 selected wines cocktails, beers, and wines

If we were to award prizes for the longest Happy Hour, Italic’s – with a time of four hours could be tied for the first spot (see the next spot in this listing). They’re also the first in our hearts because they’re offering pizzas for $10 that typically cost $18 or more during dinner.

Jack Allen’s Kitchen

When: Weekdays 3-7 pm

What’s the Deal? 50% off of all drinks; appetizers and specials on food.

There are three Jack Allen’s Kitchen in Austin (and one in Round Rock), and they all offer half-price food items at Happy Hour, which is an incredible bargain. No matter if it’s an early lunch or a late evening dinner you could prepare the most delicious full-service meal from appetizers like BLT sliders, bacon-wrapped Texas quacks, and the smoked beef rib quesadillas.

Foreign & Domestic

When: Tue-Sat 5-6:30 pm

This is the deal: 50% off wines by the glass, and Austin beers $8 cheeseburger and $6 ZEPPO. Popovers and onion ring for $4.

For dinner in the restaurant Foreign & Domestic, a meal of fries and a burger costs $18, whereas it’s the Happy Hour burger is only $8. The math isn’t easy to calculate, but it’s just $10 worth of French fries and fries, which means that you could spend the $10 you’ve saved by ordering zeppoles and onion rings instead and still end up better. On Tuesdays Foreign & Domestic does $1 oysters, and 50 percent off chilled wine throughout the evening long.


When: Tue-Sun 5-6:30 pm

A Deal 50% off wine bottles less than the price of $80 (outside only)

Lenoir’s amazing outdoor wine bar, complete with Live Oaks and twinkly lights is an ideal spot to meet up with buddies. Friends are fun however, the primary reason why you invite people to this bar in Happy Hour is that you can purchase whole bottles of wine at half price.


When: Mon-Thurs 5-6 pm

This is the deal: Cocktails for $5, beers at $4, snacks and $6 rolls

Kome only has one hour of time for its sales and after-work pleasure. That doesn’t mean we invite-only coworkers who don’t show up at the wrong time for meetings and will put up an uninformed auto-reply email beginning at 4:45 pm.

Better Half Coffee & Cocktails

When: Tues-Fri 3pm-6pm

What’s the Deal? 5 cheeseburgers at $5. $5 sangria, and $3 beer cans

Based on the amount of traffic Better Half is during the days, it’s easy to wonder whether people living who live in Austin actually have jobs. It could be because of the beautiful backyard, or perhaps you’re looking for $5 cheeseburgers at Happy Hour. Better Half also has a reverse Happy Hour with $5 cocktails and $2 pearl beers Tuesday-Sunday between 9-11 pm.

Loro Austin

When: Weekdays 2-5 pm

What’s the Deal? 50% off of boozy drinks, beer, and wine; choose menu items between $4-9

The setting-up at Loro is ideal for working and Happy Hours So, grab an outdoor table for all your colleagues and you’ll be spending the majority of your time on a private Slack channel, frantically and quickly discussing Sharon’s double-dipping habits. It’s also the only hour that you can order specific menu items, such as the burger and the smoked chicken wings. This makes double-dipping a bit more bearable.


When: Monday-Saturday 3:30-6:30 pm, all day Sunday

A Deal Cocktails at $4 in the house $1 off Draft beers and $2 off on snacks

Things we’re thankful for at the Happy Hour with enough seating for all the people you’re with and free popcorn because snacks are what makes us feel the most content. Get the wings and the spinach dip, and then sit in the outdoor area to remind yourself that the sun exists even when you don’t see it every day long.

June’s All Day

When: Monday-Friday, 4-6 pm

What’s the Deal? 25percent off food items; 50% off all sparkling wines; $2 off other beverages

For the month of June’s Happy Hour, everything on the menu including the fried chicken sandwich to steak tartare is discounted by 25. Also, champagne is half-priced, so you can enjoy a formal toast to your favorite Happy Hour in town. Sparkling wines are on sale for half price every Monday night as well.


When: Daily (Wed-Sun), 4-5:30 pm

What’s the Deal? half off on all pizzas, $5 of house wine 50% off all wine bottles under $100.

If it’s too late for dinner, stop by for a snack at Bufalina and ask for the wine that is typically reserved for celebrations at half-price. Then, grab pizza later.


What time: All night Monday and Tuesday from 4:30-6:30 pm.

What’s the Deal? 50% off food and drinks at the bar 2 for all beverages; only at the bar.

If you’re not really planning to go to Jeffrey’s for dinner, it can be a bit expensive for a casual night out. But their weekly Happy Hour is a great occasion to get several drinks and half-price appetizers (or even an entrée) in the bar and find out who is going out to eat a $50 risotto on Wednesdays.

Odd Duck

When: Sunday-Thursday, 2:30-6:30 pm

This is the deal: 50% off select wine bottles as well as large format draft cocktails for $6 and half-price selected food items (5-6:30 pm only)

If you’re just working on a half-day or feel that you’ll be unable to work in the event that someone else requests you to “circle back” in an email, go to Odd Duck. It’s possible to get an ice-cold drink for $6 or wine at half-price and see if you can prolong your lunchtime without anyone else noticing.


When: Daily, 5-6:30 pm

It’s that simple: 3-11 meals; $3-6 wine, sake, and beer The seasonal dessert is $7

Uchi is most well-known for its sushi, however, the thing they should be most well-known as is their “sake social” the regular Happy Hour during which you are able to sample delicious rolls and traditional Uchi bites at less than half the price. If you’ve never been to the Uchi social, you’re doing everything wrong. P.S. this is also happening also at Uchiko also.

Clark’s Oyster Bar

When: Daily, 3-6 pm

What’s the Deal? On weekdays, 50 cents off oysters; a half off hamburgers; $5 martinis draft beers, and oyster shooters. Saturdays 50% off oysters, half-price bottles wine as well as $5 oyster shooters

We love oysters. Oysters are a favorite of many. But everybody loves oysters more when they’re not as costly. You’ll visit Clark’s for the oysters that are priced at Happy Hour and you’ll also be there for the Burger (half-off have never been as amazing) and the outdoor patio.

El Alma Cafe y Cantina

When: Daily 3-6 pm

What’s the Deal? $3 beers, $5 sangria, $6-7 margaritas, discounted appetizers

El Alma is home to one of the most beautiful patios in Austin however, no one has got the best way to use it. Relax on the roof with a double-level under a shade, sip the Happy Hour margaritas and guacamole and feel satisfied with your choices.

La Condesa

Time: Weekdays, 5-7 pm in the bar area

What’s the Deal? 50% off all alcohol drinks; specials on appetizers

Austin is home to a wide variety of margaritas. La Condesa’s margarita is one of the finest available in town. When it’s happy hour when you’re at the bar you can purchase half-priced margaritas.


When: Daily, 5-6 pm

This is the deal: 50% off all cocktails or wine, beer, and a full menu of food items Wednesday half-off oyster platters and bubbly all night long

In the midst of Dirty Sixth, Parkside has an incredibly short, but well-rounded everyday Happy Hour. This is the way to go: come there before it begins take two orders of everything and you’ll be ready for the rest of the evening.

Licha’s Cantina

When: Tuesday-Friday, 4-6 pm

A Deal 5 cocktails for just $5 and bites

Begin your evening in the East Side at Licha’s with cheap margaritas for $5 and food. The only downside to this is that you might stay for the entire night.


When: Weekdays 4-7 pm; Weekends 12-4 pm

What’s the Deal? $7-9 cocktails

Whisler’s restaurant is already a popular fan favorite due to its huge outdoor patio, but its $7 cocktails will keep anyone coming back from 4-7 pm.

Contigo Austin

When: Mon-Fri 4-6 pm

What’s the Deal? 5 bar snacks drinks, $6 cocktails, and house wine

Contigo is a fantastic place to hang out after work where you can find tables outside and order a drink and snacks for your crew. The avocados that have been charred and the queso are great Happy Hour options, and the crisp green beans are a great option to get your vegetables as well as eat something fried.

El Chile Cafe y Cantina

When: Daily, 3-6:30 pm

What’s the Deal? 4-8 margaritas and cocktails; $2 20 OZ. beers and $5-11 snacks

El Chile is always an ideal option to take a group outing, with great dishes to share during Happy Hours like nachos or queso flameado. What you don’t need to divide are margaritas and 20oz beer schooners (because they’re larger than your head).

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