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Drink Happy Hour: Being in the bar industry isn’t an easy task. Along with the crowded market and steep costs to open It’s not surprising that hospitality businesses are struggling to find efficient marketing strategies.

A of the restaurant’s marketing methods that have appeared throughout the year is Happy Hour. You’ve probably never heard of it prior to now, you’re probably asking yourself, ” What is happy hour?” Begin with the basics such as ” What time is happy hour?” and then move on from there.

Drink Happy Hour

After you’ve come up with some ideas for happy hour and you’re looking for what drinks to highlight. The drinks you pick will determine the attraction, particularly when you’re trying it for the first time.

Read on to discover some of the top happy hour cocktails that each bar’s owner must know about.

Drink Happy Hour

Happy Hour Cocktails

Cocktails are among the most popular types of drinks for happy hour. There are many variants you can create depending on whether you wish your staff members to adhere to recipes or have some flexibility to your bartender’s role description.

The majority of cocktails consist made up of two or more alcoholic drinks mixed together. The most popular cocktail recipes contain additional ingredients such as fruit juices, syrups cream, sugar, or bitters. Are you not familiar with bitters? Find out about bitters here.

Here are some Happy Hour drinks you can count on:

  • Greyhound – The classic greyhound is gin or vodka combined with the juice of grapefruit. It’s a drink that is simple and simple to prepare and can help maintain your cost per ounce lower. It’s perfect for those who enjoy an uplifting fruity flavor in their drink.
  • Manhattan – This is a different old-fashioned drink that is made from whiskey, sweet vermouth, and bitters. The whiskey could be of any type, but it is generally Tennessee as well as Canadian whiskey. Manhattans are sweet with a hint of vermouth and balance out by bitters.
  • Amaretto Sour – Amaretto sours (sometimes called whiskey sours) are among the softer cocktails available. They are made with Amaretto the liqueur and syrup, lemon juice maraschino cherries, and orange slices. Like the Greyhound drink, this one offers an explosion of flavor from the fruit.
  • Gin and Tonic – The gin and tonic are among the most popular and well-loved drinks. It’s made up of one part gin and two parts of tonic water or soda and decorated with rosemary or lime. Gin and tonic work well for a refreshing afternoon drink or refreshing drink for all occasions and should be included at the top of every spring cocktail list.
  • The sparkling vodka is infused with Cranberry – Offer your customers this refreshing, tart drink during your next social hour. Create it using the base of sparkling soda or water and vodka. Add one shot of vodka and two shots of cranberry juice and lime juice, a handful of the cranberries, and possibly Ice.

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Wine Happy Hour

Although it’s not often prominent at happy hour, it is great to promote your business with a drink. It’s all dependent on the wine you have on hand and what foods they go with, such as wine’s tannins found in wines which give them distinctive color and flavor.

A fantastic wine happy hour is one that combines great wines with appropriate promotions. There are three kinds of wine that are great happy hour drinks:

  • The rose – Rose is refreshing and light and can be found in many different varieties. There are two broad varieties of rose: semi-sweet and dry. In between those two categories are the varieties you’re probably familiar with like Sangiovese, grenache or blush rose, as well as in. If your guests prefer a more delicate or fuller-bodied one there are many options to choose from.
  • The red wine – Including red wine on your menu during happy hour is a wise choice especially if the establishment is high-end. There are numerous red wines with additional varieties of wine that are able to draw impressive crowds at happy hour. Red wines are more robust and often more smoky than rose and white counterparts. Make sure to serve your guests meals that go well with the wines that you can offer, like sweet, tart, and creamy food items.
  • Wine white – You can never get it in the wrong direction with white wines. New wine drinkers prefer it due to its more flavor variety and its higher sweetness. White wines are dry sweet, semi-sweet, or sweet. They can be enjoyed as a stand-alone drink or in conjunction with food items. Add a few riesling, chardonnay, and pinot blanc for guests to provide the variety.

Happy Hour Liquor

There are six main alcohol types: brandy vodka, tequila whisky, gin, and vodka. The right liquors in your inventory are vital to have the success of your happy hour. The most popular drinks like margaritas, old-fashioned martinis, and the old-fashioned are based on specific ratios of liquor.

To ensure that your happy hour is running smoothly, it is important to have a variety of drinks ready to go. Here are some great happy hour drinks recipes that will keep your customers returning for more

  • Martini. Martinis are among the simplest and most well-known drinks to enjoy during happy hour. You can make one using one part vermouth and 3 parts vodka a bit of an ice cube as well as a lime or olive garnish.
  • Vodka tonic – Vodka tonics are like gin-tonics just using different ingredients. They are made from half one cup of tonic water 1 1/2 two ounces of vodka, some an ice cube to mix it, and a lemon wedge or lime wedge for garnish.
  • Moscow Mule – The Moscow mule is among the most loved cocktail recipes ever and can also be considered an alcoholic drink. To make one, mix half one cup of ginger ale with one and a half two ounces of vodka, a one-half quarter of an ounce of lime juice, some Ice then garnish it with lime.
  • Aperol spray – If you want to give your guests more options, add an Aperol drink. It is among the drinks that bartenders should be aware of. The Aperol spritz is made of prosecco carbonated water, prosecco, and bitters. The Aperol drink was developed in Italy and is an ideal afternoon drink or evening drink.

Drink Happy Hour Beer

Beer is a traditional American drink and it’s not going to change anytime soon. On the average US, adults drink around 28gallons of beer each year, which is less than a six-pack each week.

It’s a must that you have a beer that you must offer during happy hour once you’ve found the perfect cost for your beer. Here are some happy hour beers alternatives to think about:

  • Michelada – A Michelada is the Mexican beer version of the Bloody Mary. The drink is made up of Mexican beer and lime juice, spices, and salt. If your customers enjoy drinks with a bite, they’ll enjoy the Michelada which includes cayenne powder Cholula hot sauce, and Worcestershire sauce.
  • Sangria made of beer – This is a similar concept to wine, with beer being the liquid base. Sangria is an alcohol-based drink made with fresh fruit syrup, sometimes frozen fruits. It is possible to make beer sangria by using a summer ale, fruit that is a perfect match for the beer’s flavor, a bit of fruit nectar as well as Pisco Reservado. The latter enhances the taste profile of this drink and makes it delicious.
  • Pub Nog – Pub nog is exactly what it says: eggnog and with beer! The majority of pub-nog recipes are identical to the most popular holiday drink that is made with barley beer in place of brandy. Once you’ve got your milk and sugar, as well as cream and eggs, stir in some cloves and nutmeg to add the final finish. Once you have your typical pour is determined it can turn into an extremely profitable drink for the season.
  • Beer Slushies – If summer happy hour is raging on the bar in front of you, there is no better choice than beer slushies. The ever-popular mixture of slushy texture as well as beer and fruit juice creates an unforgettable afternoon sip. The first step is to make sure to fill the cup with crushed ice (small to medium-sized pieces are ideal). The second thing to remember is to choose wheat-based beers for this drink. They are great with all the ingredients. Thirdly, add some cherry liqueur the grenadine, and a few limes or cherries to garnish. Your customers are now able to relax with a refreshing summer cocktail.
  • Lemon Shandy – The lemon shandy is among the most simple drinks you can prepare when it is serving beer. It’s as simple as one part of beer and lemonade as well as a wedge of lemon as a garnish. The customers will be delighted by the refreshing flavor whether relaxing indoors or out sitting on the patio.
  • Drink-margaritas – Yep, you already knew that it’s an alcoholic margarita but made using the addition of beer instead of Tequila. Beergaritas are prepared with 1 cup of beer 2 glasses of water one-half cup tequila, one-quarter of a cup sugar as well as some crushed ice 2 cups of raspberries, and three tablespoons lime juice. Combine all of it in a blender, blend it up, then drink it.

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