Georgetown Happy Hours 2022 〖Update〗


Georgetown Happy Hours times are great because you can indulge in many food items. Also, diets aren’t considered at this period. An early meal is good for your health, right? Well, at least we think so.

In happy hours, you can enjoy several drinks, and take a bite or two with your friends in order to not have to pay an expense of fifty dollars. It’s happened to us all. It’s ugly.

Georgetown Happy Hours

We’re all college students and we have to be thrifty. Georgetown is the home of some of the most affordable late-night deals. So, without further delay Here are some of our favorite Georgetown deals.

Top 5 Happy Hours in Georgetown

Morton’s Steakhouse Happy Hour

We’ve all seen the Morton’s. It’s located a few floors down from Mai Thai, a pretty brick building that has a shiny black sign. It’s also too expensive for kids to visit out that is Parents Weekend. However, Morton’s offers an incredible, but unappreciated Happy Hour option that is available from 5 pm to close from Monday to Friday.

Morton’s Steakhouse Happy Hour

For the duration of The Morton’s “Bar Bites” special, guests can indulge in delicious small plates of tuna tacos, cheeseburger sliders, and tuna sliders at just $7. My personal favorite from this menu would be the trio of filets that are essentially six ounces.

filet mignon for $39 at just $8. You can’t beat the price. The steakhouse also has an extensive bar as well as half-price drinks. The mojito is amazing.

Paolo’s Ristorante

Paolo’s Ristorante is always packed full of college kids. Because of its position (only a 10-minute walk to the campus) and delicious menu items, Paolo’s is known to be a popular dining spot for Georgetowners.

Paolo’s Ristorante Happy Hour

However, the majority of Georgetowners do not take benefit of the services the restaurant has to offer. Paolo’s late-night special is, without a doubt, one of the tops available in town.

With $4 drink specials (I suggest it for the Vanilla Mule) and yummy bites for as little as $3, the happy hour is not one you should skip. The offer is available from 4 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday.

Sea Catch Restaurant

Have you never heard of this place? You’re being left out. This restaurant, located just a few feet off M Street, overlooks the canal. The food is amazing, too. Sea Catch is apparently one of the top-kept secrets of Georgetown.

I suppose I’m keeping this secret go… however, it’s just because I was amazed by the restaurant. Sea Catch is by far the most luxurious restaurant that’s on the list. However, I also spent the smallest amount of money when it was my turn.

Sea Catch Restaurant Happy Hour

Happy hour is available on Mondays and Fridays from 5 pm to 7 at night in The bar. Go to this elegant restaurant for top-quality oysters at $1 as well as a $7 glass of vino that’s far too good to drink.


I’m well conscious of the fact that J.Paul’s is a place that students typically go to with expensive oysters, and chat with their parents about dull summer internships. But, J.Paul’s happy hour provides students with the opportunity to enjoy a meal without costing a fortune.

From 4 pm to 7 pm Monday through Friday, take advantage of 6 mixed and matched beers with your buddies for just $15 or five glasses of the wine of your choice, and various other specials.

J.Paul’s Happy Hour

Sincere, though it’s the food that attracts me to this place. Chili mac and cheese and fried polenta ball at just $5? Yes, I’m sure you will. Below is your Menu. We’d love to have you.

Tackle Box

The shack is on the busiest road in Georgetown is a must-visit to Georgetown students. I wouldn’t recommend this restaurant when you’re looking for a 5-star dining experience However, the reasonably-priced seafood is delicious, fun, and easy to access.

Tackle Box Happy Hour

The drinks are strong, making the perfect spot for a pregame on a Friday night. Monday through Friday, between 4 pm to 7 pm, you’ll be able to resist the pitchers of $19 Margaritas and the $1 oysters. You can call me crazy But aren’t oysters supposed to be for affluent people only?

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