Late Night Happy Hour In Los Angeles 2022

Late Night Happy Hour In Los Angeles: Surprises are part of life – holidays bonuses, birthday parties, and CSI still airing live on television. Few things compare to the sensation of going out at night and finding that everything suddenly becomes much more affordable. Even though Happy Hour isn’t as well-known as its after-work counterpart, it’s just the same thrill. These 16 are the best Los Angeles bars.

Late Night Happy Hour

Late Night Happy Hour In Los Angeles

Jones Hollywood Restaurant

Jones is an Italian Restaurant on Santa Monica Blvd. This is a popular spot to go late at night in West Hollywood. Although it is noisy and crowded at times, the food is delicious and the staff is friendly. Our favorite martinis in town are the martinis.

The Deal – $4.50 beer and $5.50 sodas, $7.50 pizzas, and other beverages.

When – Sundays 10 pm-2 am

La Cabaña Restaurant

Venice’s classic Mexican restaurant has been open since 1963. It is known for its giant burritos, large meat platters, and margarita cups. These three dishes are equally delicious at 1:30 am on their back patio.

The Deal – Take off on everything, from quesadillas and barbacoa plates to the fullest.

Weeknights, 10 pm-3 am.

Pizzeria Mozza

Pizzeria Mozza is one of LA’s most popular restaurants. It is also a casual branch of Chi Spacca or Osteria Mozza. It’s less crowded than some other places, but you still need to work hard for a place. Unless you’re looking for a discounted menu or a place at the first-come-first-served bar, don’t bother coming late at night.

The Deal – Enjoy a complete late-night meal with discounts on everything from Nancy’s chopped salad and Margherita pizza. Bar only

When – Sunday through Thursday 10 pm to Midnight.

Bar Amá Los Angeles

The downtown Tex-Mex spot isn’t as popular these days as it was a few decades ago. However, our analysis shows that this is a good thing. Bar Ama has been a trusted neighborhood spot with a queso dip that we told our therapist about.

Super Nacho Hour – The Deal. $8 margaritas & nachos; $5 tacos & queso; and many more.

When – Monday-Thursday, 10-11 pm, Friday, 11 pm-midnight and Saturday, 9-10 pm.

EMC Seafood And Raw Bar

EMC is the perfect place to get a jump start before you head out on a night out in Koreatown. This modern restaurant and raw bar are located on the ground floor in a mall. It offers a wide variety of seafood-leaning meals (the uni noodles are a must!) and a welcoming crowd that won’t judge you if your drinking habits get out of control.

The Deal – $1.50 oysters and $6 beer, wine, well drink, and sake $4-6 bar snacks.

When – Sunday through Thursday 10 pm to close, Friday 11 pm to close.

Bodega Wine Bar

Bodega Santa Monica’s largest wine bar offers a wide selection of wines, an excellent food menu, and a relaxed atmosphere that makes Chardonnay drinking at 12:15 on a Tuesday feel totally normal.

The Deal – $4 beer, $7 glass of wine, and appetizers

When – Sunday through Thursday 10 pm-close.

Mohawk Bend

Mohawk Bend is more well-known for its massive selection of craft beers (70 taps), rather than its delicious food. It’s the best place to go on Eastside if you’re looking to buy beer at Ralph’s. You can always find something on their huge, vegan-friendly menu if you feel hungry. The large space was once used as a vaudeville stage and can hold any size group.

The Deal – Take $5.50 off select beers, $2 off all wine glasses, and get a discounted price on food.

When – Sunday-Thursday 10 pm-close. Weekends 11 pm-close.


Barbrix is most popular for its bottomless brunch. However, this Silver Lake neighborhood wine bar serves a full dinner that includes everything from charcuterie to large plates of meats to salads. Plus, you won’t have to deal with the noise of the evening crowds.

Enjoy – Half-off on Wine and Snacks. Bar only

When – Sundays 10-11 pm.

Napa Valley Grille

Napa Valley grille is mostly a family-friendly restaurant that caters to parents visiting UCLA. However, this restaurant serves a very good meal. This is a great place to take your parents if you don’t mind the late-night specials.

The Deal – $5 beer; $8 seasonal cocktail; wine bottle specials; and 4-13 bar snacks

When – Daily 9:00-5:00

Crossroads Kitchen

Crossroads doesn’t need much introduction if you’re vegetarian or vegan. This West Hollywood restaurant is known for being one of the most loved vegan/vegetarian restaurants. Crossroads is a great choice for late-night food that will not leave you hungry the next day.

The Deal – Small-sized food menu starting from $3-12 Bar only

When – Daily 10 pm-close.


Freedman’s Silver Lake restaurant serves comfort food all day. It looks like an upscale dining establishment along the Jersey Turnpike. This means that you’ll be able to come in for a quick dinner on Tuesday night and then end up spending the whole evening there, enjoying everything from Reubens or trout roe providers.

Deal – Pastrami crunch wrapped supremes and Hot Dogs

When – Wednesday nights at 10 pm-2 am. Follow their Instagram to receive weekly updates.

FishBar Restaurant

Many Manhattan Beach restaurants are overcrowded by tourists and tired families. Fishbar is a local sports bar serving delicious fish tacos. This place is a great spot for a rowdy night.

The Deal – Tiki Thursdays. 10% off on tiki drinks and snacks

When – Thursdays 10:00-close

Far Bar

Far Bar is our favorite place downtown to grab a late-night drink without the hassle of waiting in lines or dealing with a bouncer. This Little Tokyo sports bar/restaurant has a massive craft beer selection, hidden back patio, great burgers, and is a great place to grab a drink.

The Deal – $5 bars snacks, $7 cocktails, and $5 wine or beer of the day. 20% off all bottles of sake

Time – Sunday to Monday 9 pm-close.

Birds Rotisserie Chicken Cafe

You’re likely to have been to this chicken-centric restaurant/bar if you’ve ever taken a class or been forced to attend a friend’s Improv 101 show. It is always busy and everyone complains about their reels. It’s a great place to go late at night and enjoy some good roasted chicken.

Deal – $4 draft beer and wine, as well as well drinks

When – Wednesday-Thursday, 10 pm-close. Friday 11pm-close

Bacari PDR

Playa Del Rey is full of bars and restaurants that allow you to enjoy excessive amounts of alcohol by the shore. But Bacari PDR is our favorite. Although the casual wine bar is open every minute of every night, it does not feel like a college bar.

The Deal – Every glass is $1 cheaper than the last one, and you get a free glass.

Time – Wednesdays at 5 pm-close.

Alibi Room

Alibi Room is the only place in Culver City where you can order Kogi tacos. It can be quite crowded at night, but it is great for a drink after a date.

The Deal – Enjoy specials on beer and cocktails

When – Sunday – Wednesday 11 pm-2 is.

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