Tilted Kilt Happy Hour 2022


There is a Tilted Kilt Happy Hour, as with all excellent happy hours has amazing discounts on food and drinks as well as a wide array of savings waiting to be taken. Let’s take a look through Tilted Kilt happy hour specials and specials.

Step inside Tilted Kilt and you will be able to feel like you’ve gone from your home in the United States to the shores of one of the Celtic nations. The food, drinks music, and décor are all designed to provide the real Celtic drinking experience.

Tilted Kilt Happy Hour

One element of Scottish culture that is now well-known in Tilted Kilt Happy Hour is not the kilts that the staff wears.

The beautiful Kilted Girls carry similar popularity to Hooters Girls, yet with the added benefit of a Celtic twist that includes lots of tartan and kilts.

They are worth it for many visitors however, the discounts and promotions at their Tilted Kilt Happy Hour may be even more tempting!

Tilted Kilt Happy Hour

Tilted Kilt Hours

Tilted Kilt Hours start at 11 AM each all week. The closing hours are usually 11 AM from Sunday through Wednesday. They close an hour later on Thursdays at midnight and Saturdays. On weekends, that’s Friday and Saturday evenings they remain open until 4 AM.

Tilted Kilt Hours

Sunday – Wednesday 11 AM – 11 PM
Thursday 11 AM – 12 AM
Friday & Saturday 11 AM – 1 AM
Happy Hour
Day Time 3 PM – 7 PM
Night Time 9 PM – Close

Tilted Kilt Happy Hour every day

3 -7 PM & 9 – CLOSE


sea salt and pepper, cajun or sriracha

meatball marinara w/ provolone or pulled pork & bbq

Corned beef braised cabbage, red onion & carrots wrapped in a spring roll shell

half order

the pub made fried white cheddar cheese bites served with marinara sauce

Whiskey marinated beef skewers

– $3 Jamesons shot

– $4 Fireball shot

When Is the Titled Kilt Happy Hour?

You can participate in this Tilted Kilt Happy Hour every day of the week! If that’s not enough it’s two separate time slots during the day to allow the promotion to be in operation.

The first time is between 3 pm and 7 pm while the second runs between 9 pm and close. Be it a bite to have for dinner or lunch, or just a couple of drinks or snacks later at night, there are many opportunities to enjoy Tilted Kilt Happy Hour. Tilted Kilt Happy Hour

What Do I get out of The Tilted Kilt Happy Hour?

Food and drinks are the most popular item offered at Tilted Kilt Happy Hour, with huge savings on both. Appetizers are available at a price that ranges from $2 up to $5, which is incredible value for money and you can sample some delicious pub food options.

For example, a portion of fries, or even a portion of wings are perfect food choices for any sports bar or pub, so whether you’re hungry or simply looking for a spot to watch the action.

you’ll be able to take advantage of all the discounts should you visit during the Tilted Kilt’s Happy Hour. Except for a few Titled Kilt specials available on drinks, this is a good chance to save. 

Tilted Kilt Near Me


Q.1 How many Tilted Kilts have closed?

The three locations have now been shut down. In its countersuit, 1220 lays out many ways that Tilted Kilt failed to meet its contractual obligations.

Q.2 Is there a Tilted Kilt in Myrtle Beach?

It is located opposite Broadway at the Beach located on 21st Avenue North, about a one-mile-long, straight drive away from The Breakers Resort, the Tilted Kilt’s brand new 7,500 square-foot standalone location adjacent to The Mellow Mushroom is an upgrade from the smaller previous location within that Broadway complex.

Q.3 What happened to Tilted Kilt in Arizona?

Tilted Kilt, a national restaurant chain that is known for its attractively dressed servers and pub food, closed two metro Phoenix restaurants this summer one in Tempe and the other located in downtown Phoenix. The restaurant was closed without warning, and Facebook announcements announced that the closings would be “effective immediately” on the 17th of June.

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